Scatter Light

Summer brings many surprises.

Last night, my friend’s 4-year old son was outside under the dark of the new moon with his mommy and his daddy…and there was a bit of light….from fireflies.

Little tiny flying things – lights flashing off and on – and off again. Delighting him – delighting all of us – always.

So, being a little guy – he collected those other little flashing guys in a screened ‘bug catcher’ – a thing that little guys have always had.

Of course, being a little guy, this boy, after he was in his bed…after the lights were off and the house was quiet…let the little fireflies out…into his bedroom.

Little bits of light dancing around his darkened room.

Totally perfect story of childhood.

There is always a need of light in the world. Always.

But now it seems as though the darkness is gathering.

The storm is at hand.

In Genesis, at the very beginning of creation, God is said to have separated darkness from light. And yet, the Sun and the Moon were not created until the fourth day. So then, I ask: which light was it – that was separated?

Is it that light which governs our ability to practice kindness? Is it light that brings us hope and glimmer and amazement?

Does that make darkness the home of despair? Of hate? Of violence?

Darkness of the place that we fear things will never change. Darkness is the place of fear.


Somehow, deep within ourselves, despite our fear, we have to find a place where a crack of light can peek through. Wasn’t it Leonard Cohen who said that “there is a crack in everything — that is where the light gets in…”?

We need a crack in the darkness. We need a crack of hope in the despair.

Of course, in summer, when the moon is new and the sky is dark the fireflies are even more valued.

They dance their ritual dance and they remind us of childhood and of joy — and of hope.

The light is more absolutely visible in darkness.

It is in the darkness – all types of darkness – that we need it.

We crave it.

Now, more than ever, we need the light now.

We need a small boy to open up the jar, in his room at night.

We need the light to scatter.

And now.

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