Fifty shades of glitter…oooooo it’s snow good…

It was a dark and snowy night and I was elbow deep in disco dust.

It seems that there is seduction in sweets.   Not the diabetic coma that follows indulgence– but the colors and the shine and the sparkle of the processed cane – it’s so freaking shiny.

My new thrill is touching it.   Not one pinch passes over my lips – it’s fine chemistry between me and a cupcake.   Not to eat, no no no. But to color. But to caress.

And oh, oh, oh, I want to sugar sext.

As I cream the buttercream I am fondling the fondant.

Outside the flakes fall and I am frothing the frosting.

Sparkle sparkle out, sparkly sparkly in….my eyes alight with desire.

My hands are quick – I hold my breath.

I decorate, I flower, I deflower.

Then I finish.



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