The Short Blocks

I am in a place where we count short blocks and long blocks.   Yesterday we went from 74th to 31st – it took no time at all because it was short blocks.

I love the short blocks!   Two buildings – three, maybe.   A few doorways – lickety-split – you are on the next street!   I can make a lot of ground by the short blocks. I can really get somewhere.   I can get somewhere – faster.

But ahhhh…there is definitely some charm to the long blocks.

On a long block you and walk and walk and walk along tree-lined parkways, door after door of mystery.   Who lives there?   What is their favorite color – and most importantly, what did they eat for their snack today?   On a long block you can gaze into window after window of shops, your mind spinning with things you might think you will need.

On a long block you don’t seem to be going anywhere particularly fast – but the walk is lovely.

Well gosh, when you put it that way I guess I love the long blocks too.

There are those that will say that the way to go through life is like the short blocks.

Zipping along, we can go from street to street, humming at an impressive pace through our days and our years.     Oh!   The things we will do!   We will do and do and do — we will be ‘human doings”!

We will do a lot – and quickly.

And still others who will believe that life is better lived through the long blocks.   On a long block we will see more, feel more and be more.   As human beings we will stride along, looking around us, being together and wondering what everyone had for their snack.

Yep, I love the long blocks.

For the long blocks you will need more practical shoes.

I will definitely need to change mine.

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