Wedding Bells & The Blue Shoes

I am not the first to write about a wedding and neither will I be the last. My…

Remarks from MJAL Candlelighting December 13, 2020

We fly together through the darkness, holding onto the window…

The Hanukkah of Fire & Light.

It was a hundred years ago and it was ten. It was a time when the world was a certain way — before it became a different kind of world, a certain other kind of way.

The Hot Sauce Bride: a memorial.

I cooked obsessively during the funeral.  If you stop, you know — and look at the screen…then the…

Prayer & Healing & Not Always Fixing

‘….we kept talking about it while going down the elevator. In fact, we couldn’t stop talking about it…’

Il blu — and the parrot.

Faccio un casino. I am a bit of a mess. Time zones, eh. I am meeting B, of…

The return – il ritorno.

Sono tornata. I have returned. It doesn’t seem normal to me to walk down the streets of Milano…


It was the most indulgent of rides. We scheduled a three-stop-transport…from upper Brooklyn down to his neighborhood…and then…

How Matzah Made My Dog Love Me Again.

“I would imagine us at the fair, walking hand-in-paw, sharing an ice cream…carrot, of course.”

The Snow Cake

“They were the same little people whose snowy socks went around and around my dryer…”

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