Was Professor Trelawney a Hipster?

According to B, my new glasses make me look like Professor Trelawney.

Decide for yourself:


Of course, this fact, when mentioned to one man last evening, caused him to throw his head back in laughter.


If you somehow have missed the Harry Potter culture, Professor Trelawney (shown here played by Emma Thompson) was a professor at the magical Hogwarts boarding school attended by the iconic underdog-hero Harry Potter.   She was a professor of divination — the art and act of predicting the future, unraveling the past and puzzling over the present.    She lived and taught in the school’s attic, her head in the cosmos, her eyes like two planets.

She was a kook.

And maybe, just maybe, she was a hipster.

I hear that hipsters have beards, wear fabrics with little flowers and big glasses.   She seems to have all three….so yes, perhaps she is.

Now another question to beg:  was it those amazing, virtual-satellite glasses which caused her to have better sight — more spectacular perspective — in life?


I have certainly noticed that with my new glasses — my significantly stronger (ahem) prescription, I can ‘focus’ better not only on what I see — but on the tasks at hand.    I have noticed that I have also been able to put parts of my life in better ‘focus’.

I like to see.   I like what I see.

I do have big eyes (they may even be bigger than my stomach)…but I don’t have a beard (today).

I may puzzle over the past and present.

I may be a kook.

But I just ain’t hip.

That I can, for sure, see clearly.



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