Perspective and Innocence


Three days ago this happened:

There is a family in Tel Aviv…many families in Tel Aviv…who go to the shelters with their children when the alarms sound.

This family has two little boys — ages 4 and 7. One night this week the air sirens sounded. The family hurried to the shelter.

It was 2:30 am.

The sleepy 7 year-old said to his mom: “ema, which army do you like better…which army do you want to win”?

Well, this young mother didn’t honestly know how to answer. How does one explain to a little boy about death and war and conflict — and horrible humanitarian tragedy and terror and bombing and all of the horrible mess?!

Really, how does one explain?

But you see, the mommy was taking too long to answer her son. She was thinking and thinking on how to tell him…but to him…she appeared not to hear him.

So again: “ema…which army do you want to win…” The Dwarf Army or the Goblin Army?”

Because you see, he was talking about The Hobbit.

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