Tea, Karma and Paying It Forward

This week for my birthday I wanted to do something special…

for someone else.

I figured, eh, why not…?  I didn’t really need a treat so I thought I would treat someone else.   Now recently I haven’t gone to any coffee or tea houses — I have been choosing, instead, to have all my drinks from home.     Breaking a habit, you might say.

But….for the first time since the beginning of the year I had to pick up tea in a disposable cup — and I stopped at SB….in the drive-thru lane.

I ordered one Venti Emperor’s green tea.   For two dollars and eighty-some cents.

Then, I went up to the window and told the cashier — hey…it’s my birthday and I want to buy the drinks for the car behind me.

A little Karma never hurt anyone.

The cashier nods his head and hands me a receipt — for SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.

Apparently the car behind me ordered three super-indulgent icy drinks.    Oh well.

I paid it and smiled.

A little Karma never hurt anyone.

Happy birthday to me!

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