My Uber driver kissed me and it wasn’t even creepy.

I wasn’t looking for drama.   I really wasn’t.

But that morning they left me at the table, reading the paper.  I finished the puzzle.

I did the Jumble.   Took me almost no time at all.

It was a good day.

I pushed away from the table and stood up, putting all my weight on my right foot — not realizing that I could not feel it and that my foot had dropped….and stepped onto the top surface of my foot, upside down.    I heard a crack.

I screamed.

I threw myself onto the couch, elevating my foot.  I grabbed my phone and googled “How to tell if your foot is broken”.

I saw “turning blue, swelling….cannot put weight on….”    Over the next ten minutes I watched it swell up, misshapen.

It was blue, almost immediately.

Ok, I thought.  I can do this.

In my pajamas, I put on a sweater.

I put on a left shoe.

No need to call an ambulance.  Frick.  Who needs the drama?

I hailed an Uber.

Six minutes, the app told me.   The license plate:  “Music”.

What are the chances, I thought?

I hobbled down the stairs into the driveway.   His black jeep drove up.

He said — oh man!  What happened?   Can I help?

He helped me into the car.   I made a comment about the Uptown Funk on the radio — he said “wow, you really know your music.  you like music?”   (Note:  it takes a musical genius to recognize Uptown Funk?)

Now it is true that I am part of a musical family — but I am probably the least musical among them all…but when he said to me “why do you look so familiar?” — I told him that it was because I sang in his city-wide special event choir for two years.

No spoilers, though.  Not gonna tell you his name.

But I was the luckiest person in the world to have this amazingly talented man all to myself.  He is a gifted musician, composer, leader.

Lucky, lucky me.

He took me to the ER.    He told me not to move — he went to get a wheelchair and helped me into it.  He wheeled me to triage.   He told them I had a possible fracture.

I thanked him.   I took his hand and blessed him and his family.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

And it was far from creepy — it was magic.

And yep…I have a broken foot.   And yep, I will not be sailing in the next few months and yep, that is a bummer…

But I had a lucky break!  (heh, heh)


  1. Brought tears….I know the gentleman and he is a blessing to the community….as are you.

  2. So sorry to hear about your foot Leslie! What a nice coincidence about the Uber driver. I’m sure it was a comfort to see a familiar, friendly face in your time of need. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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