On draining the swamp — sort of.

Yes, these days we have been talking about ‘draining the swamp’ — in a way.   Here we are also talking about this — but a bit differently.

So…on the humble bidet — (not literally)…

”Il bidè.”

It was our first day with the new teacher and barely ten minutes into class when she opened the subject of bidets.

Hai uno nella casa tua? Do you have one in your house?

Hai questi nel tuo paese?
Do you have them in your country?

L’usavi? Do you use one?

And my favorite….How do you clean yourself? Come ti puliti?

I thought that “A” was extremely poised when she asked him that question.

I raised my hand “possiamo cambiare il soggetto?”, I asked? (Can we please change the subject?)

No. She ignored me.

Allora, we went around the class, one by one, she asked us if we have a bidet, if we use a bidet, what we use.

To me, this was strange. The students…we were looking at each other with raised eyebrows. Are we really talking about this?

Si’. It seems we were.

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