I love the scaffolding.
The scaffolding.
I love in the city to see scaffolding against a building.
I love to duck under scaffolding to go into a store to score some tea.
To window shop.
Scaffolding is a reminder that the city is always changing.
It is always becoming.
Like me.
I am not just an ancient grey building but I am rebuilding, renovating.
I am being remade every day. I let you all know this by stenciling on my walls
Post No Bills.
Like the city, I am changing but I endure.
At times I need the scaffolding.
I am desperate for it.
To hold me up.
When you see a building with scaffolding.
Do not stay away.
Walk a a little closer.
Peek in the windows.
Stop in for a Cortado.
Or a pair of socks.
But know that the scaffolding is there to make me better.
To keep me upright while I change.
But…not to keep you at a distance.

The scaffolding is structure…and it is light.
I need the structure to contain the light.

Once we needed work done on the house.
And we needed scaffolding.
But it is pretty hard to get, this scaffolding, when it is just you, a person.
You are just a folk who needs to score a structure – and some height.
Just like for real. When you need to make a change in yourself or your life
It is super hard, sometimes, to find the structure – the support.
Even if you google for such a thing…
Or post an ad:
“Building seeking scaffolding. Not too old or too young to admit I need support”.
Email to
But In the windows underneath – just like in my eyes, under the guarding.
You may find magic.


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