Of the Lilac Surgical Gown.

Of all the things I thought would make me happy in this life, I was completely unprepared for the joy I felt when I was handed an absolutely stunning paper lilac surgical gown to change into — on my way into total hip replacement.

I am stunned to once again learn that my brain is wired thus, that such a purple and paper thing would cause my heart to do a small leap (the good kind), disperse all my pre-op anxiety and make me excited to undress.

…i assure you, I have undressed for a lot less…

And undress I did…handing my discarded comfort clothes to R in the provided plastic bag for him to take out to the car. Fantastic Lilac Me climbed up onto the gurney — and I was wheeled into the operating theater. All my doctors were dressed in blue. I was clearly the lucky one. I dropped off into sedation, thinking how the color of this gown makes my skin just glow.

When I woke in recovery, I smiled and greeted my nurse and looked down to see if I still was lucky enough to be in purple…but alas, I had been changed (public nudity!) into an old, withered, earth-toned and grey cotton hospital gown.


But I was out of surgery, my nurse seemed kind and responsive enough…and I was missing an organic body part…but gifted with a titanium and ceramic one.

My heart leapt again, a few days later, when I was reading about my new hip online and looking at the pictures of the device…and…it seems to be lilac.


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